Local Partners

For further information on the projects within the five partner countries, please contact one of our contacts below:

DELGOSEA Contact Cambodia

National League of Comunes/ Sangkats (NLC/S)

Mr. Pok Sokundara

Secretary General

Email: pokdara@online.com.kh


DELGOSEA Contacts Indonesia

United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC)

Dr. Rudolf Hauter

Secretary General

Email: gesabah@yahoo.com

Association of Indonesian Municipal Councils (ADEKSI)

Mr. Joko Sustanto

Executive Director

Email: jokopeace@gmail.com

Association of Indonesian Regency Legislative Councils (ADKASI)

Mr. Dendy Borman

Executive Director

Email: dendy@adkasi.org

Association of Indonesian Municipalities (APEKSI)

Ms. Sri Indah Wibinastiti

Executive Director

Email: indah@apeksi.or.id

Association of Indonesian Regency Governments (APKASI)

Mr. Mukhlis Abidi

Executive Director

Email: mukhlis_abidi@apkasi.or.id


DELGOSEA Contacts Philippines

Local Government Development Foundation (LOGODEF)

Prof. Edmund Tayao

Executive Director

Email: edtayao@logodef.org

League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP)

Ms. Yvette Yap

Deputy Executive Director for Policy, Programs and Projects

Email: marie.yvette@gmail.com

League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)

Ms. Li-Ann de Leon

Executive Director

Email: liann.deleon@lmp.org.ph

League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP)

Mr. Alex Raoul Villano

Executive Director

Email: jojovi919@yahoo.com

Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines

Mr. Patricio de Quiros

Head of Finance & Administration

Email: patdequiros08@yahoo.com


DELGOSEA Contacts Thailand

Thailand Environment Institute (TEI)

Ms. Aphinya Udomwech

Project Manager

Email: Aphinya@tei.or.th

Municipal League of Thailand (MLT)

Mr. Worawut Sornmun

Senior Foreign Relations Coordinator

Email: worawut.office@gmail.com


DELGOSEA Contacts Vietnam

Association of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN)

Ms. Thi Thu Thuy Nguyen

Vice Chief of Office

Email: tthuybs@yahoo.com