A Glowing Report Card for the DELGOSEA EU Project

A Glowing Report Card for the DELGOSEA EU Project

A monitoring mission, taking place one year after the end of the EU-cofinanced first phase of the DELGOSEA network, concluded: “This project should be considered a best practice in the support of both Las and NSAs, and regional integration”. High praise, indeed!

This so called ‘Ex-Post Results Oriented Monitoring’ (ROM) was carried out in November 2013 by an independent consultant hired by the EU to evaluate the success and sustainability of the DELGOSEA project. The results show that this project was largely successful despite the complex institutional and operational setting. 

The DELGOSEA network scored top marks in three of the areas that were looked at: Relevance and quality of project design, efficiency of implementation and impact to date. The staying power of the network even after the end of the project period also impressed: “… one year after the completion of the project, there are more than 1900 organisations/representatives/individuals associated to the DELGOSEA network and that number keeps growing. Ultimately, this demonstrates clearly both the interest in keeping it running and the good impact of the project.”

The overall conclusion proved that the project promoted closer cooperation between local authorities and non-state actors across countries through the exchange and replication of best practices in areas that encourage good governance, people’s participation in planning and decision-making, more inclusive public services and the improvement of fiscal management and investment strategies.

“The most remarkable impact is that it has introduced lasting changes at three different levels:

  1. By contributing to the improvement of living conditions of disadvantaged groups in Southeast Asia;
  2. By improving capacity of the local actors involved in the project; and
  3. By strengthening the profile of the DELGOSEA network.”

However, there was also awareness that – while the network has managed an impressive amount of activities on a very small budget after the end of the EU funding – the reduction in funding is putting a strain on the further expansion of the network and makes it harder to encourage and support new best practice exchanges.

The monitoring report strongly recommends the DELGOSEA network for future funding by the EU – an encouragement for when there is a next opportunity for a grant application.

(All quotations from the Ex-Post Results Oriented Monitoring report provided to KAS by the Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN in January 2014.)

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