Announcement: DELGOSEA Moments

Announcement: DELGOSEA Moments

The DELGOSEA final conference in August 2012 will host the first and unique DELGOSEA Moments Photo Competition! Invited to join are all pilot cities and national offices of DELGOSEA as we are looking for the best pilot city picture taken!

The General Framework looks like this:

  • The pictures shall be sent in from the replicating/ pilot cities (PC) of DELGOSEA.
  • The PC's together with or without the national offices decide on the picture they would like to submit.
  • This can be integrated into a local event, a beauty pageant for pictures!
  • Once a best picture is chosen, the coordinator of each country sends the winning pictures for each pilot city to DELGOSEA Communication Office
  • In the end, it shall be 16 best pictures.

A Rough Framework and Indicators:

  • Good light, no camera shake, high resolution
  • Only genuine pictures.
  • Picture that tells a story
  • Regular people and motives in/ of everyday life satiations
  • Show DELGOSEA logo/ banner
  • Group Work
  • Participatory Approach
  • Impact

Administrative Concerns:

  • Deadline is (strictly) June 30, 2012
  • All selected ‘best pictures’ will be published on the website
  • All selected ‘best pictures’ will be shown at the final conference