Best Practice Transfer Concept Development in Kupang

Working Group members in Kupang during Transfer Concept workshop


Kupang City has selected the best practice Marikina Eco-Saver from the Philippines which is focused on the education of school pupils and parents on waste management.

The meeting between Technical Working Group members with Secretary General UCLG-ASPAC, Rudi Hauter, Mr Isidorus Lilijawa (Kupang-based), Mrs Fransiska Sugi (Kupang-based), Tri Utari (APEKSI) and local governance expert, Mrs Eri Tri Nuriniri Adhi was conducted on February 28, 2011. The discussion concluded that Marikina best practice is very much in line with the overall development strategies of Kupang. Already in the past, Kupang has succeeded to improve urban public services by implementing e.g. the “Kupang Green and Clean” program, covering all aspects of waste management from educational campaign to organic fertilizer and dedicated a “Clean Friday” for all government offices. The Marikina best practice will be used to further strengthen its activities towards better coordination, advocacy strategies, and a higher awareness and change of peoples’ attitude towards environmental issues.

As first outcome of the meetings between the DELGOSEA working group and local stakeholders indicators for the future implementation of Kupang´s development program have been identified as follows:

-    A certain percentage of green public space is established and maintained;

-    A certain percentage of recyclable waste is sorted from the public and industrial waste collection;

-    A city-wide regulation and program activities of “Kupang Green and Clean” is implemented in a more coherent and structured way;

-    Several kindergarten and primary schools are selected as pilots to exercise Marikina “Eco-Saver” activities under the leadership of Kupang Education  Department.

A further concretization of these plans will be worked out in subsequent workshop and put into detail in the transfer concept for Kupang City.