Bridging the Gap between Local and National Level: The DELGOSEA Advisory Board

Bridging the Gap between Local and National Level: The DELGOSEA Advisory Board

The DELGOSEA conference in Bangkok in January 2014 brought together representatives from both foreign and home ministries of several ASEAN countries – a wonderful occasion for a meeting to set up an Advisory Board for DELGOSEA.

The concept of an Advisory Board for DELGOSEA was introduced last year, put forward by the national contact persons in ministries from Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia. This Board should ideally have two representatives from each country: one from the Ministry of Home Affairs with responsibility for local government, the other from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for relations with ASEAN. The Board would be able to offer political and technical advice to the network as well as provide a dialogue platform for national government representatives in charge of local government in their respective country, thereby further contributing to the networking efforts of DELGOSEA. 

The Board is considered as the government partner of the DELGOSEA network for dialogue and joint beneficial activities. Its main function is to help DELGOSEA to improve local governance in each country. The second function is to create attention and mechanism to bring local governance issues into the ASEAN integration agenda. The details of how this can be done will of course vary from country to country.

Such an Advisory Board will be of mutual benefit both to national governments and to the DELGOSEA network: It can obtain information on the local governance issues through the network while at the same time the Board can provide suggestion to the network that enrich the members’ activities.

For the network, the new Advisory Board of government representatives for the Standing Committee marks yet another step forward in the institutionalisation of the DELGOSEA network, joining the Standing Committee and the Core Member Council.

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