DELGOSEA II: First Planning Workshop

DELGOSEA II: First Planning Workshop

The time has come to gather some of the original key players of the DELGOSEA network and start brainstorming: How can the DELGOSEA network develop further, which direction will the advocacy work take, what exciting new best practices and pilot cities are just waiting to be discovered?

A first internal planning workshop to develop concrete plans for the next year will therefore take place from 19th to 20th February 2013 in Bangkok. The focus will be firmly on the two aspects of DELGOSEA II: best practice exchange and expansion of the network on the one hand, political advocacy and ASEAN relations on the other.

DELGOSEA is delighted that H.E. Bagas Hapsoso, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, is able to join the meeting, giving valuable input on how the cooperation between DELGOSEA and ASEAN can develop further.

There will be reports on how the original pilot cities are progressing five months after the end of the EU-cofinanced project, the communication and networking aspects will be analysed and the position and future work of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee at UCLG-ASPAC will be explained.

Watch this space for more news from the workshop!

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