DELGOSEA Jakarta Workshop: Focus on ASEAN

DELGOSEA Jakarta Workshop: Focus on ASEAN

The latest workshop of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee, which took place from 24 to 25 June in Jakarta, concentrated on ASEAN: how is ASEAN structured, which of its priorities are of interest to DELGOSEA and how can a cooperation benefit both organisations.

It was not a coincidence that Jakarta was the venue for this particular DELGOSEA meeting: ASEAN and its workings formed a major part of the agenda and the question of how to engage with the regional body is of relevance to the more than 20 participants from 5 Southeast Asian countries. Two presentations provided background information and set the scene for intensive discussions: The first one looked at the relevance of local governance issues for the ASEAN agenda and the potential input from DELGOSEA into the implementation of the future ASEAN charter. How do DELGOSEA’s activities relate to priorities of ASEAN and where could an entry point for advocacy activities be found? A second session concentrated on exploring ways in which the DELGOSEA network could be used to create more awareness of ASEAN on the community level. During a brainstorming session first ideas were shared that will be developed further in the coming months.

The workshop was not all about ASEAN, however: some internal matters, such as finalizing the operating procedures of the Standing Committee and ensuring the continuation of best practice exchanges, needed attending to and were resolved satisfactorily. The question of how to improve national policy advocacy on local governance was also discussed and feedback was given on a questionnaire designed to find out more about the advocacy needs of local governments and CSOs in the region.

DELGOSEA’s next meeting, a coordination workshop will be in early August in Cambodia and will focus on recent developments in the five core countries and national advocacy activities as well as welcoming new members from other ASEAN countries to the DELGOSEA family.

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