DELGOSEA June Happenings

DELGOSEA June Happenings


These are busy months for DELGOSEA as the project is heading towards the end of its funding period – to help you keep track of what is going on, here’s an overview of the activities and events that are currently keeping the DELGOSEA teams around the region occupied.

Final Evaluation

Although it seems as if we just had the mid-term evaluation (which took place in July and August last year), it is already time for the final evaluation of the project and its results. Yet again, DELGOSEA’s official evaluator, Dr Marion Fischer, toured the region, visiting a selection of pilot cities, DELGOSEA teams and, of course, the DELGOSEA headquarter in Manila. The evaluation began in Vietnam where Dr Fischer took part at the national workshop for policy recommendations on 27 April and visited pilot cities, followed by Cambodia where the participation at the national workshop and the regional workshop from 2 to 4 May gave opportunities for talks with many stakeholders and for observing the workings of the project in action. Kupang and Tarakan were the Indonesian pilot cities selected for a closer look from 4 to 10 June; meetings there with mayors, coaches, task force members and LGAs provided many insights. In Tarakan, where the Eco-savers project was implemented in local schools, talks with teachers and students proved very illuminating. The final stop on the tour took Dr Fischer to the Filipino pilot cities Baccolod and Misamisor from 11 to 15 June – and to Manila for some in-depth talks with DELGOSEA’s project director and project manager. The results of the evaluation will be presented at the final conference in early August.


Final Conference

The preparations for the final conference that will take place in Bangkok on 7 and 8 August are in full swing. During 1-½ days, the DELGOSEA project teams, partners and LGA representatives, representatives of the pilot cities, academia, media, national governments and CSOs will gather to concentrate on the topic of sustainability. The aim is to develop a strategy for a permanent dialogue on democratic local governance on the regional level. For such a dialogue to be meaningful, it has to be based on concrete experiences, which is why the stories of the pilot cities are of such importance. These have been extensively documented and will be presented at a market place session on the first day. The participants will be looking at an exit strategy to secure sustainability and project results, hopefully helped by session on existing mechanisms for cooperation between local governments and institutions who safeguard the interests of local governance on a transnational level.

The conference will also be an occasion to celebrate the successes of the pilot cities and the enduring friendships and networks that have developed over the last 2-½ years.


DEVCO Communication Award

The DELGOSEA team is eagerly awaiting news from Brussels where representatives of EU Delegations will gather in late June and, as part of an internal workshop, choose the recipient of this year’s ‘DEVCO Communication Award.’ The aim of the award is to identify and reward the best EU co-financed projects in terms of communication. In a highly competitive process – hundreds of projects worldwide that are co-financed by the GD Development Cooperation were potentially eligible – projects are assessed on the quality, impact and innovation of their communication activities. It was already a great honour for DELGOSEA to have been put forward by the Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN and the project team has great hopes of at least making the shortlist of five projects from which the winner will be chosen. To win the award would be even better!



As part of the efforts to ensure sustainability of the project results and to continue the work on democratic local governance in Southeast Asia attempts are made to secure funding to continue various aspects of DELGOSEA’s work. The project team in Manila was therefore very happy to learn that the concept note, which had been submitted to the EU headquarters in Brussels under the Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development Cooperation call for proposals, has cleared the first hurdle: the consortium, led by UCLG-ASPAC, is invited to submit a full proposal by the end of July. All is not won yet, the quest for more EU-financing continues to be competitive process, but hopes are high that the EU will continue funding the networking and advocacy aspect of DELGOSEA’s work.