DELGOSEA Launches Kick-Off Meeting on Best Practices Replication Training Material

Kick-Off Meeting on Best Practices Replication Training Material, Manila 2010


To support the implementation and monitoring of transnational replication of local governance best practices , a group of 13 National Coordinators and local governance experts with DELGOSEA conducted a two-day meeting in Manila, Philippines on August 3-4, 2010, to discuss the outline and structure of best practices replication training material.

The meeting concluded a common content structure for training curriculum, training guidelines and text books in four main best practices areas: People’s Participation, Institutional Governance, Urban Public Services and Fiscal Management.  

Local coaches, who will be recruited through local government associations and the national partners, will utilize the training materials to support pilot municipalities in adapting and replicating best practice from other countries in Southeast-Asia.

Led by the international expert Ruth Gruber (DELGOSEA expert on decentralization and local governance) and Eri Trinurini-Adhi (DELGOSEA curriculum expert, Indonesia), the group agreed that the training materials will develop coaches’ capacity in:

  • Understanding the basic concept of local governance in the four thematic areas of best practice replication;
  • Understanding the methodology, results, and challenges of the 16 selected best practices;
  • Assisting the pilot municipalities in the development of a transfer concept allowing the adaptation of best practices into local circumstances;
  • Facilitating sustainable replication practices in the pilot municipalities;
  • Understanding and utilizing monitoring tools throughout BP replication process.

“With the development of training materials and the capacity building program for coaches, the project is facing a significant phase to roll out sustainable and successful best practice replication across participating countries,” said DELGOSEA Project Manager Susanne Stephan.

The same group will further review training materials for each theme in a follow up meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 13-18 September, 2010. Final selection of local coaches and the first Training of Coaches will be rolled out subsequently.