DELGOSEA Members are Focusing on ASEAN

DELGOSEA Members are Focusing on ASEAN

Building Cooperation with ASEAN is the theme of DELGOSEA’s next workshop that is taking place on from 12 – 13 November in Jakarta. Attended by a range of influential decision-makers both from ASEAN and national ministries, the meeting aims to further explore the possibilities for the network of working with ASEAN on the regional level.

The organisers – the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) – have set themselves ambitious objectives to reach during these two days. As usual, the meeting will concentrate both on internal aspects such as improving the structure of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee and strengthening the network as well as reaching out to ASEAN and national governments.

On the internal front, the DELGOSEA Standing Committee (SC) is planning to set up an advisory board made up of government officials in charge of local governments from DELGOSEA member states. Its role will be to give policy input and to link the Standing Committee to developments within the countries. The Standing Committee is also aiming to widen its reach by adopting new members without voting rights – these can be CSOs or other institutions that are keen to contribute to the DELGOSEA network, but are not local government associations.

Addressing information needs of the attending members, there will be a session on the status of decentralization and the structures of regional and local governments in the ASEAN member states as well as a presentation on the history and current state of best practice exchange within the DELGOSEA network. Reports on the national advocacy activities in all countries represented by Country Focal Points (from Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam) will round off the section on internal capacity building.

However, the main focus of the workshop will be on the cooperation with ASEAN, and the organisers are pleased to have secured the attendance of senior ASEAN officials as well as representatives of some of the ASEAN member states in Jakarta. The question of ASEAN’s strategies to engage local governments for meeting the ASEAN Community 2015 aims will be discussed in one session, followed by an introduction of DELGOSEA to the representatives of the ASEAN member states.

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