DELGOSEA. Nominated for the EU’s DEVCO Communication Award

DELGOSEA. Nominated for the EU’s DEVCO Communication Award

To the delight of the DELGOSEA communication team, the Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia, Brunei, Darussalam, and ASEAN, who is responsible for the DELGOSEA project from the EU side, has nominated the project for this year’s ‘DEVCO Communication Award’. The aim of the award is to identify and reward the best projects in terms of communication. In a highly competitive process – hundreds of projects worldwide that are co-financed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Development and Cooperation (DEVCO) are potentially eligible – projects will be assessed on the quality, impact and innovation of their communication activities.

DELGOSEA impressed the EU Delegation with its wide range of communication tools, ranging from traditional print media, a website, e-mail and youtube to new social media, such as facebook and twitter. There are also several innovative elements in the way the project team has chosen to communicate its activities: a clear brand has been developed for the project, symbolised by the ‘green square’, and there is strong use of social marketing and media – after all, a network is an abstract concept, so one has to find a way of creating an identity for it, of making it real to the people involved. Encouraging the concept of the ‘DELGOSEA family’ has proved a successful approach.

But not only DELGOSEA’s communication strategy is persuasive – the figures of what has been achieved with that strategy are even more impressive: 40,000 people are involved with the project on a regular basis, receiving e-news, visiting the websites of DELGOSEA or its partners, following the project on facebook, twitter or youtube. With one-off events, such as media coverage in the five countries involved, the presentation of DELGOSEA at various international events and the distribution of leaflets and publications, DELGOSEA has reached 10 Million people around the world so far – a staggering figure.

But will this be enough to ward off the competition and claim the award? While each EU Delegation worldwide can submit a project for the competition, only five projects will make it onto an internal shortlist. This shortlist will then be presented to staff from DEVCO at their annual meeting in Brussels in June, who will be asked to vote on their favourite project in terms of communication activities – quite a daunting process. While the DELGOSEA team feels very honoured to have been nominated, we would feel very happy and privileged to be one of the five on the shortlist – and, who knows, DELGOSEA might even come first!