Five Countries, One Goal: Preparing for DELGOSEA's Midterm Conference

Five Countries, One Goal: Preparing for DELGOSEA's Midterm Conference

The name badges have been designed, the participants list are nearly finished… it is time for another DELGOSEA conference. After the inception workshop in Manila in March 2010 and the training of trainers in Pattaya last November, the third transnational conference of the project is gaining momentum.

The DELGOSEA Midterm Conference will take place on September 27 - 28 in Battam, Indonesia. It will be followed by a two-day monitoring and evaluation training. The DELGOSEA team in the five partner countries is working hard to make the midterm conference and the training another success story.

The agenda of the conference reflects the activities of the second half of the project. The conference aims at reviewing the replication activities in the 16 pilot cities in the five project countries, share knowledge and lessons-learned amongst stakeholders as well as gain ideas on sustainability of project results after the funding period has ended. The 1.5 days conference is split up into three thematic sessions:

  • DELGOSEA Midterm Review and Evaluation
  • DELGOSEA Lessons-Learned
  • DELGOSEA Sustainability

Participants will come from the DELGOSEA best practice and pilot cities, including representatives of civil society, media and academia as well as the governmental sector. Apart from the participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, the conference will also be joined by representatives of the European Union and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Germany as well as by representatives from the Asian Development Bank and ASEAN.