Introducing DELGOSEA’s New Communication Manager

Introducing DELGOSEA’s New Communication Manager

The DELGOSEA network is pleased to announce that the important aspect of facilitating and strengthening the network communication, both internally and externally, will be in the hands of its new communication manager, Eva Maaten.

Eva is not completely new to DELGOSEA: Over the last 18 months, she has been writing articles for the website/newsletter and has accompanied the project closely. In her new role, Eva will be responsible for looking after all network communication aspects, i.e. the DELGOSEA website, its Facebook pages, the Newsletter as well as the Twitter and YouTube accounts. In addition to presenting the network and its activities to the outside world, she will be in charge of keeping internal communication between existing and new network members running smoothly.

Having moved to Manila with her family two years ago from Brussels, where she had specialised on fundraising from EU institutions in the area of good governance, human rights and other aspects of development cooperation, Eva Maaten was excited to be able to draw on her experiences in the area of publicity and press in her role with the original DELGOSEA project team.

Now that DELGOSEA enters a new phase, focusing on advocacy and lobbying work for good governance within the ASEAN region as well as continuing the promotion of best practice exchanges, Eva is keen to accompany the network in this crucial time. Helping DELGOSEA to consolidate itself, to keep expanding and to establish itself as a prominent player in the field of good governance on the local level throughout Southeast Asia are her goals for the coming years.