Introducing the Learning House for Development – DELGOSEA’s First Member in Laos

Introducing the Learning House for Development – DELGOSEA’s First Member in Laos

Lao People's Democratic Republic

DELGOSEA took another important step on the road to becoming an all-ASEAN network by welcoming the ‘Learning House for Development’, a civil society network from Laos, into the fold.

The Learning House for Development (LHD) was established in August 2010 by members of the former Lao NPA Network and other local civil society organisations (CSOs). It is a non-political, non-profit making and non-religious network. Focusing on CSOs who work in development for poverty alleviation, Learning House for Development provides space and opportunities for CSOs to come together to learn new skills, share their knowledge and grow their organisations. It provides both physical space and a familiar environment for CSOs to come together.

As Mr Khammouane Siphonesay, the Learning House Programme Manager, puts it: “Civil society in Laos is slowly developing and mechanisms are beginning to emerge for CSOs to partner with other actors and for peer engagement amongst CSOs.  However, these opportunities are still in their infancy and have yet to be maximised to allow for CSOs to engage fully in the development process in Laos.  LHD therefore offers capacity development support to strengthen their internal capabilities, develop their own priorities, agendas and networks to become partners in the development process of Laos, with a focus on reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society.” 

Learning House for Development was established to meet the challenges of civil society, providing an environment for joint learning, exchange of lessons learned and networking.  LHD is now well established as a learning centre for Non Profit Associations (NPAs), both registered and in the process of registration and has built links with in excess of 80 NPAs over the past two years as well as strong links with networks in neighboring countries and international development partners.

In close cooperation with local and internal CSO partners the network:

  • Organises capacity development for network members in selected areas;
  • Conducts exposure visits to exchange experiences with neighbouring countries’ networks in the region;
  • Coordinates the sharing of information in the form of publications, newsletters, workshops, public relations etc.;
  • Provides library, meeting rooms and incubator rooms services;
  • Seeks for partners to implement and fund specific network projects;
  • Provides representation on behalf of the CSO community.

For the Learning House for Development, joining DELGOSEA is a chance to share information and knowledge with an even wider group of organisations and to learn from the experiences of the more established DELGOSEA members, especially when it comes to good practices in local government and the integration of CSOs into local development planning.

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