LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEAS's Future | This month: Introducing the Association of Cities in Vietnam

LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEAS's Future | This month: Introducing the Association of Cities in Vietnam

Viet Nam

In its last project year, DELGOSEA is focusing on sustainability - how can the project results be preserved, who will continue with activities when the EU-funding comes to an end? The obvious candidates for guardians of the DELGOSEA spirit are the official project partners, the local government associations (LGAs) in the five project countries. Continuing the series on LGAs, we are this month introducing the Association of Cities in Vietnam (ACVN), DELGOSEA’s LGA partner in the country.

As the only umbrella organisation representing the interests of Vietnamese cities and towns, ACVN plays an important role for local governance in Vietnam. Since its foundation in 1992, 96 municipalities have joined the Association, which defines itself as a hub and a forum for its members to exchange their experiences in urban development and management. Research on issues affecting urban management and development is one important service ACVN offers its members, as are capacity building programmes for urban officials and civil servants. The Association is also keen to make an impression on the international stage, being a member of UCLG ASPAC, the umbrella organisation for LGAs in Asia Pacific, and cooperating with, among others, the European Commission, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the World Bank.

Building on this solid foundation, AVCN has ambitious plans for the future, aiming to increase its membership substantially and improve its effectiveness and reputation by 2020. This includes plans to integrate townships which are not currently eligible for membership, but which need better representation of their interests. The organisation will also focus on internal restructuring by establishing thematic departments, such as on ‘international cooperation’ and ‘training and research on urban management’. Clearly, the Association is keen to rise to the level of its partners in the region.

ACVN is registered as an NGO under the state management of the ministry of Home Affairs; its organisational structure consists of an executive committee with 23 members, a monitoring committee and a small secretariat. Regular congresses and conferences help to keep members in touch with each other, as do the special sub-regional ‘cluster’ meetings, which support member cities from within a region in their attempts to tackle common problems.

DELGOSEA would like to express its gratitude to the ACVN leadership: Prof. Dr. Lan, Secretary General and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vinh, Vice Secretary General for their continuing support commitment.