LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEAS's Future | This month: Introducing the National League of Commune/Sangkat in Cambodia

LGAs - Crucial Partners for DELGOSEAS's Future | This month: Introducing the National League of Commune/Sangkat in Cambodia


In its last project year, DELGOSEA is focusing on sustainability - how can the project results be preserved, who will continue with activities when the EU-funding comes to an end? The obvious candidates for guardians of the DELGOSEA spirit are the official project partners, the local government associations (LGAs) in the five project countries. Continuing the series on LGAs, we are this month introducing the National League of Commune/Sangkats (NLC/S), DELGOSEA’s LGA partner in Cambodia.

Local democratic governance is a relatively new concept to Cambodia; only in the early years of the new millennium did the Royal Government of Cambodia show commitment to the reform of local administrations, with the aim to promote good governance and to contribute to poverty reduction in the country. This led to the establishments of provincial Associations of Commune/Sangkats (PAC/S) and subsequently the NLC/S in 2006 as an umbrella organisation representing for all 24 PAC/S and by now 1621 Commune/Sangkat councils with 11,353 councillors across Cambodia – a very impressive rate of development! The aim is to enhance the capacity and the status of these local councils and to help them achieve a democratic and decentralised administration that is effective, sustainable, transparent and accountable.

Within this broader framework, the NLC/S has some very specific objectives, geared towards improving the everyday life of Cambodian citizens. There is, for example, an emphasis on making communities more responsive to the special needs of people in poverty, women, children and other vulnerable groups. Capacity building and networking are important issues for the League – the organisation provides and facilitates capacity building programmes for the councils, both on its own and in cooperation with local, national and international institutions and local authorities. It also encourages cooperation amongst its member Sangkats to promote a culture of collaboration, learning and sharing amongst the different communes. Last but not least, the NLC/S is keen to support female participation in local governance.

The League is also increasingly become involved in regional and international activities, with one of their objectives being to establish linkages and cooperation with LGAs outside Cambodia – being part of the DELGOSEA project fits perfectly with this agenda. NLC/S is already cooperating with numerous international donors, such as the European Commission, the UN, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) or the International Co-operation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG International). Since 2007, the League has also been a member of United Cities and Local Government Asia Pacific (UCLG-ASPAC) in Southeast Asia.

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