Learning About Eco-Tourism in Thailand

Learning About Eco-Tourism in Thailand


The good cooperation between the local government associations of Thailand and Cambodia continued with the joint organisation of a study trip for Cambodian participants to Thailand in March 2014.

Keeping up the connections made during the first DELGOSEA phase, the National Municipality League of Thailand (NMT) worked together with the National League of Communes and Sangkats (NLC/S) of Cambodia to organize a study visit on Community Based Tourism Development for 24 representatives of municipalities/districts and NLC/S staff. This visit was part of the Municipal Partnership for Economic Development, a long-standing cooperation between Thailand and Cambodia.

From 17th to 20th March, the Cambodian delegates visited three Thai cities that had successfully developed facilities for eco-tourism and thereby attracted new visitors to their towns. The tour started off in Baan Nam Chieo, in Trad Province, Southeast of Bangkok, where the participants enjoyed a boat trip that took them around the coastal eco-tourism areas. They were able to participate in mangrove tree planting, sea-shell catching and experienced an authentic Thai homestay. On their second day, the delegation moved on to the nearby municipality of Prasae in Rayong Province that had won the prestigious Thai Tourism Award in 2013. The theme here was to see how a city could promote tourism in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The delegates were able to see how the community was in charge of organizing the promotion of tourism themselves while also getting a tour of the city and its tourism facilities. 

The final day took the group to the classic tourist destination of Pattaya to get an idea of how a place that has become popular with traditional tourists can innovate and also attract visitors interested in ecologically sustainable tourism.

For more information on Cambodian and Thai LGAS on www.delgosea.eu:

NLC/S, National League of Communes/Sangkats of the Kingdom of Cambodia

MLT - Municipal League of Thailand