Learning the Ropes – Capacity Building Workshops for Local Stakeholders

Learning the Ropes – Capacity Building Workshops for Local Stakeholders

It is implementation time for the pilot cities – ideas are developed, transfer concepts drawn up, visits to the best practice cities are taking place. Time to send the people involved back to the classroom for an intensive training session on how to deal with all aspects of running such a project.

These training courses, which are specifically designed to build up the capacity of local stakeholders, are offered in each country for key personnel, such as civil servants, representatives of civil society, decision-makers, of the pilot cities. The specific transfer concepts for each pilot city form the basis for the discussion, so that the practical dimension is never forgotten. These workshops also offer participants the chance to clarify any open questions they have regarding any aspect of the implementation plan for their city and gives them the opportunity to exchange views and experiences with other actors.

These courses offer great flexibility, since in each country the country coordinator and key coach decide themselves, after gathering feedback from the pilot cities, which aspects of project implementation is of particular importance to the participants. The workshop in Indonesia, for example, spent a lot of time on the basic principles of drawing up a monitoring and evaluation strategy, exploring the use of indicators in a result-based approach to project management and developing a work-plan.

In the Philippines, on the other hand, the emphasis was put on capacity building in the public sector as a tool to mobilize stakeholders to participate in the replication of best practices from other countries. The participants were developing action plans on the how best to use social marketing in the pilot areas.

So far, these workshops have taken place in Indonesia and the Philippines, in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand seminars are planned over the coming months.