Lending a Hand – Knowledge Transfer in Practice

Lending a Hand – Knowledge Transfer in Practice

Developing partnerships was always part of the DELGOSEA master plan, but in some cases the relationship between best practice and pilot cities are developing in unexpected but delightful ways – a number of cities have struck up friendships and are mutually supporting each other, an unplanned but valuable side effect of the study tours that had taken place over the last six months.

The most outstanding example of this kind of cooperation can be seen between Phuket in Thailand and Danang in Vietnam. Two coaches from the DELGOSEA Thailand office will be conducting a free training course on “Phuket’s experience in organizing and managing tourism street route and mobilizing community participation in tourism development”, hoping to help their counterparts from Danang along the way to a successful replication.

A close cooperation is also emerging between Yogyakarta, Indonesia where the city is delighted to send an expert on e-government to Tra Vinh in Vietnam, a town that is implementing that particular best practice example.

As the cycle of study tours are drawing to a close and other cities are developing relationships and friendships, we can fully expect to see more of such additional and unplanned cooperation – a sign for sustainable knowledge transfer and the lasting success of such a regional project. In some cases unscheduled return visits, so called field visits to the pilot cities, have already been planned as the exchange between cities is deepening.

There are also still several national workshops planned aimed at strengthening networking and cooperation between pilot and best practice cities in each country while also working out the final policy recommendations from each city and country. The knowledge transfer, one of the main aims of the DELGOSEA project is in full swing!