Next DELGOSEA Workshop will Focus on Waste Management

Next DELGOSEA Workshop will Focus on Waste Management

The second DELGOSEA workshop of 2016 will take place in Cambodia, focusing on the exchange of best practices in the area of waste management worldwide.

More than 40 representatives of DELGOSEA member organisations, international experts and Cambodian local governments will come together on 2 and 3 August in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for two intensive days of exploring the challenges solid waste management poses for local governments. The presentation of best practices both from ASEAN and further afield will lay the ground for working groups to develop plans and ideas for their own municipalities.

The keynote presentation by Rowan Fraser, project consultant with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESPAC), will set the tone and put the issues into a wider context. Focusing on the specific situation in Cambodia, where the responsibility for waste management has just been decentralised to the local level, there will also be a presentation of a recent survey of municipalities in Cambodia.

Three best practices that will be described in more detail concentrate on waste separation and waste management models: from the Philippines, Gloria Buenaventura, Head of the City Environment Management Office of Marikina City, one of the original DELGOSEA best practice cities, will outline how the city has successfully introduced recycling and waste separation. From the other side of the world, Michael Dahm, Regional Director of the German Rhein-Sieg-Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft, will showcase the German approach.

A Network Council meeting ahead of the main event will allow the national coordinators to share information about DELGOSEA activities in their respective countries and to elect a new Network Coordinator.

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