“Partnerships for Integrity and Jobs” – a New Project for the Philippines

 “Partnerships for Integrity and Jobs” – a New Project for the Philippines


After the success of the DELGOSEA project, that was co-funded by the EU, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in the Philippines is implementing another project focusing on good local governance with co-financing from the EU Delegation in Manila.

Having just started its implementation period in January 2014 with a five-day inception workshop bringing together all six project partners for some in-depths planning and capacity building, the latest project “Partnership for Integrity and Job Creation” focuses on the cooperation of local governments and civil society for transparent and effective small business registration and promotion procedures.

The project concentrates on the pilot development of integrity mechanisms and models of transparent and effective small business and investment registration and promotion procedures at selected local government units (LGUs) in cooperation with civil society and decision-makers at these LGUs.

LGUs have a vital role to play in the promotion of business integrity as they form a sustainable network for self-obligation and monitoring of transparent and non-corrupt structures and procedures. The project aims to include them as key players for clean administrative procedures into the Integrity Initiative set up by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and the Makati Business Club.

Another goal is to create models of transparent and effective small business and investment registration and promotion procedures and disseminate these models through the local government associations (LGAs), the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and League of the Provinces of the Philippines (LPP). All three LGAs are partners in the project - and also prominent in the DELGOSEA network.

As part of the “Partnership for Integrity and Jobs”, nine pilot places will be selected during the set-up phase and ‘integrity circles’ set up. Seven out of the nine LGUs have already been selected and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) are being drawn up with them: Vigan City (Luzon), San Carlos City (Visayas), Tuburan Municipality (Visayas), Cebu Province (Visayas), Cagayan de Oro City (Mindanao), clustered Iranun development area comprising of the municipalities of Parang, Matanong, Barira and Budlon (Mindanao) and Maguindanao Province (Mindanao). The remaining two local government units will still be determined after further consultations with the relevant LGAs.

Once all places are selected, the ‘integrity circles’ will be formed at the pilot LGUs to be composed of respected representatives from the LGUs, the business sector and civil society. Parallel to the setting up of these ‘integrity circles’ will be the independent assessment of the procedures for business registration and investment promotion procedures at the pilot places. The assessment will produce short baseline studies of each pilot LGU and will contain suggestions for improving these procedures.

During the following piloting phase, curricula and training materials will be developed for training of stakeholders. It is also during this phase that integrity mechanism as well as registration and promotion models will be developed and implemented. The final dissemination phase involves the documentation of results and experiences in the pilot areas, as well as the promotion of the replication of the results across other LGUS.

It is especially during the dissemination phase that the DELGOSEA network could help to spread the word throughout Southeast Asia and share information about these best practices in transparent and non-corrupt registration procedures.