Philippine LGAs Discuss Sustainability Road Map

Philippine LGAs Discuss Sustainability Road Map


On February 27, DELGOSEA Philippines hosted a get-together of the Philippine Local Government Associations which are part of the DELGOSEA network. Present were the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) as well as the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP).

The Leagues were represented by ULAP’s Patricio De Quiros (Head of Admin and Finance); LPP’s Jojo Villano (Assistant Secretary General) and Roberto Limbago (Director for Program Development); LCP’s Yvette Yap (Deputy Executive Director for Policy, Programs and Projects) and Fina Ong (Policy Officer); and LMP’s Lloyd Paras (Chief of Research and Policy Office).  They were joined by the DELGOSEA Philippine team, national coordinator Antonio Avila and and administrative assistant Sheryll Bayan and by project manager Susanne Stephan and communication officer Sven Herpig from the coordination office of DELGOSEA.

Susanne Stephan gave an introduction and overview of the current state and progress of DELGOSEA in general while Antonio Avila complemented the status reporting with input from the Philippine perspective. A very important point for all the stakeholders was the DELGOSEA publications, past and present, in the framework of sustainability. The participants of the meeting discussed the upcoming DELGOSEA handbook and shared their views of what should be included and omitted to secure that the handbook becomes a concise version giving hands-on advice on how to replicate best practices step-by-step and therefore complementing the DELGOSEA publications published in 2011.

Building on the publication strategy, the participants also discussed and suggested on having a point person in each LGA who is familiar with the concepts and methodology of DELGOSEA’s approach towards best practice replication in Southeast Asia. The will-be identified focal person, after the DELGOSEA project lifetime, will be responsible in continuing the work of best practice exchanges among their respective League’s member, LGU, if not in sharing within his institutions the lessons from DELGOSEA. It was highlighted that the DELGOSEA publications, in addition to the capacitated coaches within the LGAs, will create a viable approach towards sustainability.

To complete the picture, Sven Herpig gave an overview of the current networking and social media capabilities of the DELGOSEA project. The LGA representatives are re-oriented on the tools which are used to create a sustainable communications environment such the website, the monthly electronic newsletter and information sharing and communication via social media, including audio-visuals– all are encouraged to be shared among their member-LGUs. As such, the participants agreed on extending further the vast network of stakeholders, strategic partners and interested organizations in the Philippine setting.

The successful and fruitful meeting has leveled the playing field to continue the work towards DELGOSEA sustainability, in full thrust.

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