Progress in Cambodia on Best Practice Exchange

Progress in Cambodia on Best Practice Exchange


The National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S) is recruiting a National Coordinator for the Promotion of Good Local Government Practices (GLGP) to work full time at NLC/S Office in Phnom Penh.

The aim is to facilitate the systematic development of best practices in local government, to be shared both within Cambodia and through the DELGOSEA network with other ASEAN countries. It was therefore decided to set up a unit within NLC/S responsible for mapping, collecting, documenting and sharing regional and national local government initiatives/practices in different thematic areas.

The NLC/S has been the key Cambodian partner in the first EU-cofinanced DELGOSEA project and is continuing to play an active role in DELGOSEA II. The LGA strongly feels that it is part of the mandate of a local government association to support its members by providing services such as best practice sharing. This is already common practice in other DELGSOEA member countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, which inspired the NLC/S to institutionalise best practice exchange in Cambodia as well.

The national coordinator charged with implementing this policy is expected to start work in late April/early May. His first task will be to set up the unit and develop its responsibilities, activity plan and budget for the first year, followed by steering the process of mapping, screening and documenting good local government practices at all levels throughout the country. Public relation work, such as media contacts and presentations at workshops and conferences, designed to spread awareness of this new unit and the best practices mapped, will also form part of the job.

It is hoped that the first best practices will be available for sharing with a wider network before the end of the year. In the meantime, DELGOSEA‚Äôs civil society partner, the Cambodian Civil Society Partnership (CCSP), is also continuing to work with its member CSOs to develop best practices within civil society. 

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