Rallying the Support of Various Stakeholders, Indonesia National Workshop Organized



Jakarta, Indonesia. With the main goal of addressing the challenges confronting pilot cities in replication, DELGOSEA Indonesia hold the First National Workshop on 11 May 2011 at Grand Kemang Hotel in Jakarta. Representatives from the pilot cities and BP sites top the list of attendees for the workshop. Also, in attendance are representatives from the academe, civil society, local government associations, and central government.

Pilot cities identified four major challenges in replication. These are lack of commitment from local government leaders, absence of baseline data in pilot sites, lack of coordination among government departments that are important in replication, and lack of competent human resources who can carry out the project in pilot sites. The human resources challenge is exacerbated by the fast turn-over of staff in pilot sites while the issue of baseline data becomes problematic because the central government is yet to complete the zoning regulation. The incomplete zoning regulation poses a problem in Pangkal Pinang because the city is replicating the Marine Culture Park of Tubigon, Philippines. And one of the important requirements in establishing a marine culture park is determining the “sea zones” of Pangkal Pinang. Pilot cities also raised the need for support in partnering with private schools, businesses, and waste-recycle facilities.

In order to address some of the challenges in replication, participants agreed to conduct regular meetings so that they can learn from each other on how to address replication-related issues. Local coaches found the need to conduct monitoring and evaluation planning so that they can ascertain the project’s progress and provide quick-fix on issues affecting achievement of project milestones in pilot cities.

One of the tangible results of the national workshop is it made the participants realize that securing the support of different stakeholders ensures successful project implementation. To this end, they agreed to conduct regular meetings with various stakeholders.

For further documents and presentations of the Workshop, see here.