Report from National Coordinator in Cambodia – December 2010 to January 2011

 Report from National Coordinator in Cambodia – December 2010 to January 2011


The local governance coaches in Cambodia have started preliminary engagements with respective pilot cities’ representatives to share planned activities on Best Practice (BP) replication and foster working relation with the local government’s office since December 2010.

The meeting in pilot area of Choam Chao took place on December 8, 2010 and was facilitated by two coaches — Ms Buon Panharaingsay and Mr Chhim Sopheark with support of the National Coordinator Min Muny and the Administrative Assistant Hin Muny; the meeting in pilot area of Kampot took place on December 9, 2010 and was facilitated by another two coaches — Mr Prak Munny and Mr Min Sophanith.

The meetings in both pilot places were well received by the local government representatives. Kampot municipality was even ready to move forward as the two coaches had finalized translating the key aspects of the two BPs selected for replication into Khmer: the Marikina Eco-Savers Project (Marikina, Philippines) and Low Carbon City (Muangklang, Thailand). As a result, the two coaches, National Coordinator and Kampot municipality organized a BP Transfer Concept Development workshop on January 17-18, 2011 with 20 participants from key stakeholders. The aim of this workshop was to adapt the selected best practice from Marikina and Muangklang into the local framework of Kampot to achieve its goal of becoming “clean city, clean resorts and good services.” The workshop was also intended to develop a tailor-made action plan as well as to define clear responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved during the replication process.

The same workshop is also planned for Chom Chao in February, as soon as the translation of BP into Khmer is ready.

On December 22, 2010, National Coordinator Min Muny presented the DELGOSEA project results and future activities at the annual meeting of the local government association National League of Commune/Sangkats (NLC/S) and 23 other Provincial Associations of Commune/Sangkat Councils (PAC/S). The presentation was to encourage further best practices dissemination within the member network of NLCS and to create synergies with other donor activities NLCS is running.  “The next 18 months for DELGOSEA are very crucial to accommodate the development of the BP transfer concepts to meet local situation and the trans-national replications of appropriate elements of selected BPs in the two pilot cities. This experience will also serve as a learning opportunity for other interested places in Cambodia,” stressed National Coordinator, Min Muny, at the annual meeting on the impact of DELGOSEA transnational BP replication activities.


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