Report from National Coordinator in Thailand – December 2010 to January 2011

Local coaches in Thailand presenting brief overview on DELGOSEA Best Practices at coordination meeting with pilot cities on January 14, 2011


Following the capacity building workshop for local coaches in Pattaya, the Director of Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), Dr Paul Chamniern, presented updates on DELGOSEA program including overview on Best Practices replication and planned activities with pilot cities in Thailand during the Municipal League of Thailand (MLT) annual conference on December 14, 2010.

The conference, which was attended by approximately 3,000 representatives of local government in Thailand, was a key event to further solidify networking and partnership for DELGOSEA activities. Furthermore, Thailand National Coordinator, Tharee Kamuang and local governance coaches, with the support of TEI and MLT, have organized two coordination meetings to start Best Practice (BP) replication activities with pilot cities in January 2011.

The first meeting was held at MLT office on January 14, 2011 with 10 coaches, representatives from two pilot cities—Songkla and Yala, and up to 50 other municipalities which showed initial interest on BP replication. Mr. Vijai Amaralikit, President of the Environment Subcommittee in MLT, welcomed the participants at the official opening ceremony. The coaches and National Coordinator presented brief overview on all DELGOSEA 16 BPs as facilitated by TEI Director, Dr Paul Chamniern, and Dr Chanisada Choosuk, TEI junior expert for DELGOSEA program. “I am very fortunate to gain information about 16 Best Practices and would like to apply some ideas into our municipality,” said Mr Suthep Nutchsuang, Mayor of Mae Hong Son Municipality. Mr Nutchsuang also encouraged more sharing and learning between local governments through such activities.

Following the presentation, the coaches and representatives from Yala and Songkla moved into group discussion to discuss the preliminary plan on Transfer Concept workshop.

The second meeting was conducted with another pilot city, Chiang Rai, on January 18-19, 2011. Thailand National Coordinator visited the pilot city and discussed with the Deputy Mayor, the Directors from the different Departments and their staff, the future replication of the selected best practice on “Cooperation between Local Governments to Address Shared Needs” from Kartamantul, Indonesia.

TEI has also finalized the latest participation of Thailand’s fourth pilot area, Pakkret Municipality, with the signing of MoU on January 21, 2011 represented by Mr Vichai Bandasak, Mayor of Pakkret and Dr Paul Chamniern, TEI Director. 

To further support implementation of BP replication with pilot cities/municipalities, Thailand National Coordinator has organized short summary translation of all 16 BPs since end of December 2010. The translated version will later be distributed to pilot cities and uploaded to DELGOSEA website with links to local government association partners’ website.


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