Short Memo: An Eco-Tram in Muangklang, Thailand

Short Memo: An Eco-Tram in Muangklang, Thailand


Muangklang municipality, which was one of the five best practices from Thailand in the DELGOSEA network, is now a low carbon model city, aiming to inspire local governments across the country.

As part of his drive to reduce the number of cars and buses in Muangklang, especially during the rush hour, the mayor of Muangklang has introduced the ‘eco-tram’. The tram uses LPG instead of petrol and has been serving school children and citizens every morning and evening free of charge, promoting the use of public transport instead of private cars. This will reduce carbon emissions as well as traffic jams.


The tram made a special trip as part of a ‘learning session’ during a training workshop for 120 participants from pilot cities of the “Promotion of Low Carbon Cities across Thai Municipalities’ a project by NMT, co-financed by the European Union, the Municipal League of Thailand (MLT) and the Thailand Environmental Institute (TEI). 

For more information on Muangklang's new project:

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