Short Memo: Exchange waste for eggs campaign in Chiang Rai

Short Memo: Exchange waste for eggs campaign in Chiang Rai


On 11 January, Chiang Rai municipality conducted its regular mobile community services in Sri Sai Moon. Sri Sai Moon is a community which belongs to the administrative district of Chiang Rai. This event brings together representatives from the local government with the respective communities.

Residents can go there for administrative concerns instead of having to go to the central office in Chiang Rai. Additional services provided by the local government and the community are: medical checks, haircuts, vaccinations, and a mobile library for kids as well as a household safety campaign amongst others.

Since the replication of the DELGOSEA best practice started in Chiang Rai, these mobile community services (which always take place in a different community throughout the year) also include the ‘exchange recycled waste for eggs’ campaign. In order to help reduce waste at the source, residents take recyclable waste from their households and bring them to where the mobile community service takes place. A municipal officer then weighs the waste and hands out eggs according to the weight and kind of material the waste consists of.

On that day alone, Chiang Rai municipality was able to collect 137 kilograms of recyclable waste.  Good Job!

Report and photo by
Mr. Anurak Chalumputch,
Public Health and Sanitation Officer,
Department of Public Health and Environment,
Chiang Rai Municipality

Edited by
DELGOSEA Communication Office

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