Short Memo: First Wave of Tarakan’s Expansion

Short Memo: First Wave of Tarakan’s Expansion


On July 16th, the Tarakan government called for a coordination meeting to discuss the planned expansion of the TALING project to twenty (20) more schools for the months July and August.

The meeting was attended by the members of Working Group and representatives of the 20 schools. All schools gave their commitment to implement the TALING program.

These schools are:

  • Elementary schools: SD Utama 1, SD Utama 2, SDN 020 Sebengkok , SD Ulul Albab, SD Al Irsyad , SD 009 , SD 002 , SD INDO TIONGHOA
  • Junior high schools: SMPN 2, SMPN 5, SMPN 8, SMP 4, SMP DON BOSCO, SMP Muhammadiyah, MTSN, SMPN 3
  • Senior high schools: SMAN 2, SMKN 2, MAN, and SMA HANG TUAH.

 The budget to implement the project is provided by the School Operational Assistance Fund (BOS)*, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of private companies and by the regional government budget (APBD).

*The BOS (School Operational Assistance) are grants given to schools across the country provided by the national government since 2005 as part of the government’s effort to provide quality education to students of all income levels.

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