Short Memo: Improving Fishermen’s Livelihoods in Pangkal Pinang

Short Memo: Improving Fishermen’s Livelihoods in Pangkal Pinang


As part of the ambitious project to combine improved coastal management with an increase in fish farming, thereby boosting the income of local fishermen, two major activities are being prepared in Pangkal Pinang.

New fishing equipment is being purchased and an infrastructure development for the marine tourism program is beginning. These are two vital ingredients for strengthening the local economy and ensuring the success of the DELGOSEA project. The town is pleased to have secured the support of the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ for this, a consortium of 17 mining companies who have agreed to invest in the small seaside place.

At the same time, the planting of mangrove seeds is continuing – just this month another 1000 seeds were put into the ground. The aim is to plant 30,000 mangroves each year or a total of 90,000 seeds over a three-year period, with the seeds currently being prepared by the Bangka Botanical Garden. This is a huge increase from the originally planned 27,000 trees and shows the backing the project receives throughout the community.

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