Short Memo: Miss-Recycle-Beauty Pageant in Chiang Rai

Short Memo: Miss-Recycle-Beauty Pageant in Chiang Rai


Wianchai started its first activity on solid waste reduction campaign called “Recycled Trash Fashion Show Contest”. The municipality hosted this convivial and lively event on 31st Dec 11 by integrating it into the 2012 New Year celebration. This event has been conducted as part of the “Promotion of Recyclable Waste Separation at Household Project”.

The fashion show highlighted the clothes which had been designed as a part of a recycling campaign. It was open to all members of the community, with the designers being everyone who enjoyed creating a stunning dress out of the usual day-to-day trash. It was then up to the models to present this unusual but mind blowing dresses on stage.

Even students from the local high schools and colleges created fashions for the teen categories of the event. It’s a clear indication of reusing the trash like plastic bags, paper, aluminum containers and discarded materials to create fancy dresses and host and elaborate fashion show for everyone to enjoy and participate.

Wiangchai Municipality is part of the “Chiang Rai Solid Waste Management at Source Network”, established under the replicable project entitled “Collaboration among Local Governments in Chiang Rai on Solid Waste Management at Source” initiated by DELGOSEA. After the kick-off meeting, which was held on 29 Nov 11, Wiangchai Municipality was the one of 19 Local Governments which signed the agreement to be part of this project network.

This event was not only the highlight with a great approach towards how everything can be molded into a great appearance but also it was the good starting point to promote the participation among schools and communities on solid waste management at source in this municipality  

“It is a great show and we enjoy watching the creativity of our young generation. They are now very keen to transform the trash into the new useful things” one of community leader said.


'Lady Blue' is the first winner of the pageant.


'Recycle Night' scored second.


'Recycling Heroine': the third one is the charm.

Reported by and pictures courtesy of
Nuttiga Hermpattrasuwan
Researcher and monitoring team of Delgosea,
Natural Resources and Environment Development Research Center
Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai

Edited by
DELGOSEA Communication Office