Short Memo: Pakkret Under One Roof

Short Memo: Pakkret Under One Roof


The Municipality has just drafted its development plan for 2013 – 2016, based on the needs of the public in Pakkret. Included in this plan is also the restructuring of the Old Market.

One aim of the Pakkret administration is to lead the Pakkret Old Waterfront Market – or short: Old Market – back to its welcoming, cozy and popular self. This endeavor is spearheaded by the Pakkret Old Waterfront Market Conservation and Development Group with strong involvement of the tenants.

Bringing the people who are eager to shop and roam around between the stalls back into the market is declared as the premier aim of the group. In order to achieve this, the group is promoting activities and delicacies inside the market through tourist guidebooks published by the Municipality.

Promoting the Old Market as a cultural tourist destination and bringing the interested folks back inside the market is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is clearly making the market as such more attractive. The question is how?

The group also found a simple but very efficient way to bring back the charisma of the Old Market: a new roof. The current roof does not allow any sunshine to pass through it and therefore the market is dark in some parts and only lightened through artificial lights in other parts. In order to change that, parts of the roof will be substituted by transparent polycarbonate materials. If the shop owners now bring some plants to the Old Market, this idea will not only bring back charisma to the market but also helps to conserve energy.


Current view of the Old Market with opaque roof.

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