Short Memo: Pakkret conducts Capacity Building Workshop

Short Memo: Pakkret conducts Capacity Building Workshop


On January 28 – 31, 2012 the DELGOSEA pilot city of Pakkret conducted its capacity building workshop. Pakkret focuses on how to develop and conserve the old market as cultural tourist attraction in a sustainable way with participation from communities.

The capacity building activity for Pakkret was spiced up with hands on experience. Therefore, the around 40 participants consisting of members of taskforce and executive and municipal staffs conducted two fields visits. The first field visit directed the participants to the street of culture in Takuapa Municipality. The street of culture in Takuapa Municipality is an idea which has been identified by the community. It aims to acknowledge, preserve and present its own culture and traditions.

The second field visit brought the participants to the Phuket old town. Having arrived there, the participants met with community leaders from the old town community, municipality representatives as well as representatives from other government agencies and local schools. The old town in Phuket municipality due to its unique architecture shall serve as a status symbol to make people in the community proud to live in their own town. Additionally, it should lead to a legal registration of the community, promotions of their activities and people’s participation through a strong community leader.