Short Memo - People's Participation in the City of Service

Short Memo - People's Participation in the City of Service


On December 1, a meeting between the old market community leaders of Pakkret and local government officials took place. The meeting was hosted by the municipality in order to further discuss actions towards implementing the best practice. These issues were the revision of the logframe due to the recent flood catastrophe as well as the people’s participation during the implementation stage.

Both sides came to a good understanding. The meeting will be followed by the final steps of setting up a working group amongst the community leaders and the planning of a proposed budget. A study visit to Phuket to learn from its approach has also been taken in consideration.

Pakkret municipality implemented projects top-down so far. It is the first time that the community is participating and being integrated in a systematic way in local decision-making. This is a great learning experience for both sides!

The DELGOSEA team would like to express its high appreciation for the continuous commitment and everlasting support of the stakeholders in Pakkret in the face of the flood disaster. We would like to express our sincerest sympathy for all those affected by the flooding and wish you all the best for the weeks and months to come.