Short Memo: Rallying Round in Support of DELGOSEA

Short Memo: Rallying Round in Support of DELGOSEA

It came as a disappointment to everybody who had been so deeply involved in the current DELGOSEA project and in preparing the grant application for DELGOSEA II – the EU Commission in Brussels had decided not to continue funding the new phase of DELGOSEA, but to give other project ideas from different organisation a chance.

The DELGOSEA team was heartened, however, by the messages of support that were pouring in from network members who are determined to keep the DELGOSEA show on the road! Peter Woods, Ambassador of the United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), commented: ‘We have done well collectively. DELGOSEA I was indubitably positive and worthwhile and if we collectively think that we should be proud of our achievements, then we must determine not to be dissuaded by subjectivism. Evaluate, analyse, re-think, re-group. Local Governments of Southeast Asia unite and maintain our collectivity and sense of purpose.’ This sentiment was shared by Wicak Sarosa of the Partnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) in Indonesia: 'DELGOSEA is indeed a very good and useful program that needs continuation, adaptation, replication and full-scale expansion. Let’s find a way to make it continue!’

 The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) also rallied round: ‘Let us carry on where we have paved the way and with our existing resources and network. It’s time for plan B!’

 All friends of DELGOSEA will be pleased to hear that a plan B is in existence: Thanks to the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and UCLG ASPAC some networking and advocacy activities can continue to be funded for the next year, giving the network time to develop its long-term strategy. More details in the next newsletter!

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