Short Memo: Sharing the DELGOSEA experience at the MPED workshop

Short Memo: Sharing the DELGOSEA experience at the MPED workshop

DELGOSEA’s best practices are continuing to attract attention: During a recent workshop by the Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED), taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 13 – 15 March 2013, the DELGOSEA experience was shared during a panel discussion focusing on best practices in local governance. Special attention was paid to one of DELGOSEA’s most replicated projects, “Humane Relocation and the Empowerment of Street Vendors”, that originated in Solo City, Indonesia.

Natalis Padang, who used to be the national coordinator for Indonesia, was very happy to present her experiences with DELGOSEA and to field the questions of the around 75 participants, coming from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam. They were particularly interested to learn about the role and contribution of local governments in best practice replications, the type of resources that had been mobilized and the impact these projects had on the local community.

The Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED) is a 5-year program funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). It supports local governments and local government associations (LGAs) in 7 Countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia to help them provide more effective services that advance local economic development. The program engages partners in regional knowledge sharing, global policy development, and program coordination, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and gender equality. In Asia, the direct implementing partners are ACVN (Vietnam) and NLCS (Cambodia).


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