Short Memo: TEI and MLT step towards sustainability

Short Memo: TEI and MLT step towards sustainability


We are proud to announce that our partners from the Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) and the Municipality League of Thailand (MLT) have just been awarded funding from the European Union. Over the duration of 30 months the project - led by NMT - aims at increasing the living conditions of the local population in 84 municipalities throughout Thailand, by adopting an environmentally friendly ‘low-carbon city’ approach to local services.

This project will be another piece in the puzzle that is being put together to ensure the sustainability of DELGOSEA’s efforts in the area of enhancing the urban environment. Muangklang, DELGOSEA’s low carbon city best practice example, will become the learning center for the new EU project, and it is expected that other DELGOSEA pilot cities will happily join in. Knowledge sharing from best practices as well as capacity building, which are vital parts of this project, will be supported by DELGOSEA trained coaches and experts.

The contracts have already been signed at the end of 2011, and the project is expected to start during the first quarter of 2012.

We wish our partners and the participating cities much success in this endeavor!

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