Transfer Concept Development Workshop in Pangkal Pinang

Technical working group members in Pangkal Pinang discussed key areas for Best Practice transfer concept development


The first session of the transfer concept development workshop between Technical Working Group in Pangkal Pinang with DELGOSEA National Coordinator, Natalis Padang, local coach Mr Yasser Arafat and local governance expert Eri Trinurini Adhi, took place on March 17, 2011. Under the leadership of the local office for Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Pangkal Pinang plans to strengthen the capacities of the fisherfolk in fishing, sales and marketing, and to establish a solid culture for environmentally friendly fishing.

Known for its brackish water fishing industry, Pangkal Pinang has already developed clear objectives and activities for its fishery development sector in the development strategies 2008-2013. The selected best practice from Tubigon, Philippines, on Mariculture, will help Pangkal Pinang in the realization of its development plans.

Specifically, the lessons-learned on fishery community development and costal resource management will be important cornerstones for replication. A further concretization of these plans will be worked out in detail in the transfer concept for Pangkal Pinang City.