What’s Planned in Vietnam – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013

What’s Planned in Vietnam – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013

Viet Nam

As part of a new series, looking at the development of the different pilot cities after the end of the DELGOSEA project, we are asking this month: what do the three Vietnamese cities, Danang, Tra Vinh and Vinh, have planned for 2013?

Danang, a coastal town in Central Vietnam that had taken inspiration from Phuket in Thailand, is continuing with various activities to preserve the architecture in its old town centre and to develop the tourism potential of the area around Bach Dang Street. As part of this programme, regular street concerts and other one-off events, such as a ‘flower street’ at New Year’s Eve, are planned. Improvements of the infrastructure, including landscaping and environmental measures, are part of the city’s development plan and residents in Bach Dang will be encouraged to decorate their houses, contributing to the increasing attractiveness of the area. Looking further ahead, the city’s government plans to extent the tourism development policies to also include Bach Dang river.

InTra Vinh, e-government has become well established by now. Replicating the best practice of Yogyakarta in Indonesia, the city has managed to shift an impressive number of administrative processes online, allowing the citizens to save time and money while at the same time making the work of the local administration more transparent. The city plans to build on these achievements by consolidating the website’s editing board, updating the website’s structure and reviewing the public services on the website. There will be improvements to the equipment and purchases of additional computers for staff, who will also receive further training in the use of the software installed. Ensuring that city staff have personalised e-mails will make it even easier for Tra Vinh’s citizens to communicate directly with the local administration. Finally, there will be even more administrative processes being made available as e-services.

The Eco-savers of Vinh City, in the meantime, are busy with expanding the project to the whole province! The disingenuous scheme to involve local schools in recycling efforts is based on the hugely successful project of the same name in Marikina, Philippines. During 2012, the recycling efforts were concentrated in three pilot schools, all of which managed to exceed their target for recycled waste. Such an encouraging result moved the city government to issue an ordinance to replicate the Eco-savers in 51 schools throughout the city. Each school will organize one eco-day per month, giving the children the opportunity to bring in recyclable waste such as paper, cans and plastic waste.

Supported by the Vietnamese local government association, the Association of Cities in Vietnam (ACVN), all the pilot cities hope to inspire other municipalities to take up best practice replication – help and assistance is available!

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