Activity 1: Inception Workshop and Management Training

Status: Finalised; Month: March 2010

Brief Description

The inception and management workshop was the first meeting of the project team. Its aim was to familiarize in detail all partners with the project’s objectives, to gain common understanding and to introduce management guidelines following the implementation rules of the European Union.


  • The project is guided by the coordination unit based in Manila, Philippines. In each country a separate “implementing unit”, so called national office has been established. The national offices are headed by the national coordinators with support of a half-time administrative assistant.
  • The project is being designed in a decentralized structure. This is also reflected in the internal and external communication structure.
  • Clarification of indicators and final agreement on project monitoring.
  • Activity planning has been done and documentation discussed.
  • Project visibility has been discussed and implemented through the distribution of templates and sharing of visibility guidelines.
  • Budget has been reviewed, discussed and changes have been suggested.
  • Separation of costs have been discussed and been incorporated into the partnership agreement.
  • Per Diem - rates and rules have been agreed on.
  • Accounting has been discussed, administrative assistants trained and separate bank accounts set up.