Activity 10 & 16: Strengthening the Capacities of Local Stakeholders for BP Replication

Status: Finalised; Month: March 2011-August 2012

Brief Description

After the approval of transfer concepts and action plans by the decision-makers, a tailor-made capacity building program was implemented in each pilot city. The aim was to equip local stakeholders with the knowledge to successfully replicate the selected best practice model. The trainings were run by the trained coaches from the local government associations. Hereby, the approach differed from country to country. Some countries decided to carry out the trainings before visiting the original best practice city (activity 12); others decided to gain further knowledge by viewing the best practice first. In the core of the training concepts were the demands and already existing capacities and knowledge of the pilot city itself. The trainings were tailor-made to these needs and therefore differ in concept and methodology. Refreshment trainings were constantly running, depending on the training assessment and outcomes of the project monitoring. Overall, more than 47 trainings involving more than 2,200 representatives from civil society, policy-making community and civil servants were carried out.

Below, further information on the different capacity building activities are provided, including the training dates and training reports:


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