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A Closer Look at the DELGOSEA Standing Committee

A Closer Look at the DELGOSEA Standing Committee

The DELGOSEA Standing Committee for Democratic Local Governance (DSC) has been up and running now for six months – here’s a closer look at the people behind it.

The Standing Committee was established as a steering instrument for the DELGOSEA network, ensuring that the informal network of local governments, civil society, academia and media has a formal representation and a decision-making body. The Standing Committee is formally a part of UCLG ASPAC and its aim is to gain accreditation to ASEAN and in that way have some influence on ASEAN policy on local governance. To be able to complete the accreditation process, the DSC will need to have involvement from all ASEAN countries – approaching local government associations (LGAs), civil society organizations and academic institutions related to local governance from the remaining five countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar and Laos) will be an important first step to reach that goal.


The Standing Committee is headed by Ms Lilian (Li-Ann) de Leon, from the Philippine League of Municipalities, with the mayor of Lamphaya Municipality in Thailand, Mr. Khajohnkiat Nipatpokai, as co-chair.


Li-Ann is a specialist on local governance with a Master in Public Administration from Jose Rizal University in Manila. She has been the Executive Director of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) for the last 13 years.  Her experience with the LMP, where she institutionalized mechanisms and practices to improve governance of the League, gives her the perfect background to build up the DELGOSEA Standing Committee (DSC) and to oversee its expansion. Li-Ann is also adept in policy development and advocacy, two crucial skills for forging a relationship between the DSC and ASEAN. 


These two are supported by the Secretary of the Standing Committee, Ms Natalis Padang, who is based in the UCLG ASPAC office in Jakarta.


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Since the establishment of the DSC only six months ago, Natalis Padang has been busy: “My role includes drafting the Standing Committee’s work plan and to assist with the implementation of this work plan – this means seeking support from the various ministries dealing with aspects of local governance within ASEAN.” Natalis is also facilitating the expansion of the DELGOSEA network beyond the original 5 countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) to include all ASEAN member countries. With a degree in Politics and International Relations, as well as more than 10 years of working in development cooperation with various donors – not to mention insider knowledge of the DELGOSEA network through her time as National Coordinator for DELGOSEA Indonesia, – she brings the necessary experience and know-how to this crucial position.

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