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A New Face in the DELGOSEA Office

A New Face in the DELGOSEA Office

The DELGOSEA team is growing – Ronna Villanueva has joined the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in Manila as a programme manager with responsibilities for DELGOSEA activities.

Ronna joined KAS just two months ago, in May 2016, and is quickly finding her feet in the close-knit Manila based team. She is mainly responsible for organising DELGOSEA events, as well as working with the communication manager in dealing with correspondence with members and friends of the network, social media management and facilitating the communication between the different network members. As part of the organising team of DELGOSEA’s Bangkok workshop in May, she already gained an insight into the workings of the network and was able to establish contacts with many members.

As a graduate of Asian Studies from the University of Santo Tomas, Ronna certainly has a wide knowledge of ASEAN and the issues that are relevant for DELGOSEA. She worked as a public servant for several years, combining this job with studying for a master degree in European Studies at the De La Salle University. This was an obvious choice for a young woman who lived and attended school in Berlin, Germany, for seven years before returning to the Philippines to study. Her perfect German might not be so relevant within the DELGOSEA context, but will certainly facilitate her dealings with the German headquarters of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation!

Ronna explained: “I am looking forward to learning more about the best practices of other member countries” and to publicise them through the DELGOSEA network thereby making “others aware of the projects being implemented in different countries.” And, of course, she is “eager to meet other members during events held both in the Philippines and other countries.”

Welcome, Ronna and good luck in your new job; you will surely have a great time as part of the DELGOSEA family!