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A New Structure for the DELGOSEA Network

A New Structure for the DELGOSEA Network

DELGOSEA is maturing: As a move towards greater independence from the original project structure, the network has decided to establish sound internal decision-making structures by setting up the DELGOSEA Network Council.

There was a sense of excitement at the recent network meeting in Vientiane, Laos, when the DELGOSEA network moved out of the shadows of the original EU co-financed project and decided to set up a new network structure. Previously, DELGOSEA was headed by a network director, Peter Koeppinger from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the main funder of the network’s activities. All the core members agreed, however, that – after nearly 5 years - it was time for DELGOSEA to stand on its own feet. By setting up a Council, consisting of two representatives from each member country and reflecting the different sectors represented in the network, the network members are taking on responsibility for the further development and growth of DELGOSEA.

This new Network Council is a decision-making body that reflects all the aspects of the network: local governments and their LGAs, CSOs and CSO networks, experts from academia and media as well as representatives of national agencies/bodies dealing with local government issues. It consists of two members for each country, who have been appointed by the National Steering Board of each country, i.e. the members of the Network Council are bound by decisions taken in the national steering boards. The National Steering Boards have already been established in most member countries, consisting of at least one representative from these four main sections of DELGOSEA’s membership.

The Network Council will therefore have the responsibility for the administration of the entire network, steering policy development and developing action plans. Close cooperation with the DELGOSEA Standing Committee which as part of UCLG ASPAC represents only the local governments through their LGAs, is ensured through the fact that the Network Council’s Coordinator is also the Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee.

This is an important move to ensure that a network whose members are predominately from Southeast Asia is governed by Southeast Asians. During the last DELGOSEA workshop, the participants, constituting DELGOSEA’s core members, were delighted to elect a board for the new Network Council, consisting of Marisa Lerias from the League of Municipalities of the Philippines as the Network Coordinator and Sokhany Prak of the Cambodian Civil Society Partnership as Deputy Coordinator. Benedikt Seemann from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Philippines was appointed Treasurer and Atik Kumala Dewi from UCLG ASPAC as network secretary.

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