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An Improved DELGOSEA, Agenda of Cambodia Meeting



Topping the agenda of the Coordination Meeting held in Cambodia on 25-26 May 2011 are the introduction of new DELGOSEA colleagues and new ways of sharing information for DELGOSEA partners and stakeholders.

The first order of business is welcoming new coordinators from Indonesia and the Philippines. Ms. Natalis Bulo Padang from UCLG-ASPAC replaced Mr. Raudi Hauter as Indonesia National Coordinator while Mr. Antonio Avila replaced Mr. Cresencio Doma, Jr. as Philippine National Coordinator. Mr. Sven Herpig (“Sven”), the new Communications Officer replacing Ms. Mira Renata was also warmly received by attendees of the meeting.

Aside from welcoming new DELGOSEA staff, the meeting also provided a venue to discuss an improved way of sharing information between and among DELGOSEA partners and various stakeholders. Coming up with a monthly on-line newsletter was identified as a medium to share project updates. To this end, national coordinators were requested to send weekly project updates and to identify contact persons that Sven can directly connect with.
Sven also shared that eventually DELGOSEA will expand its network. To this end, the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and video site i.e. Youtube will be utilized by the project. Also, the DELGOSEA website will be extended.  Pilot cities will be given the opportunity to report the status of their replication and download all project-related documents.  
The meeting ended with clear strategies addressing the issues of lack of ownership from the pilot cities. Organizing a social marketing workshop and reaching out to the academe were among the strategies that National Coordinators were asked to explore.