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Change at the Top of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee

Change at the Top of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee

The DELGOSEA Standing Committee has unanimously elected the Mayor of Lamphaya city, Thailand, Mr Khajohnkiat Nipatpokai, as the new chairperson of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee during its last meeting on 12 November 2013 in Jakarta.

Ms Yvette Yap from the League of Cities, Philippines (LCP) has taken on the role of vice-chair from Mayor Nipatpokai. They will be a great team, helping the Standing Committee grow and expand its role.

The re-shuffle at the top of DELGOSEA became necessary after the resignation of Ms Li-ann De Leon who left her position at the top of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (MLP), thereby also resigning from her responsibilities on the regional level. While Li-ann’s experience and enthusiasm will be sadly missed, the DELGOSEA network is delighted to have two such energetic and keen replacements on board.


The Standing Committee proceeded to adopt the Learning House for Development (LHD) from Laos as a new member without voting rights – the first member from one of the ASEAN countries that were not part of the original DELGOSEA project!


It was also decided to set up an Advisory Board of government representatives. Ideally, there should be two representatives from each country: one from the Ministry of Home Affairs with responsibility for local government, the other from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for relations with ASEAN. This Board would be able to offer political and technical advice to the network as well as provide a dialogue platform for national government representatives in charge of local government in their respective country, thereby further contributing to the networking efforts of DELGOSEA.


The Standing Committee was established as a steering instrument for the DELGOSEA network, ensuring that the informal network of local governments, civil society, academia and media has a formal representation and a decision-making body. The Standing Committee is formally a part of UCLG ASPAC.