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DELGOSEA Develops Best Practice’s Training Materials

DELGOSEA Develops Best Practice’s Training Materials


DELGOSEA National Coordinators and local governance experts, with facilitations by Ruth Gruber (expert on decentralization and local governance) and Eri Trinurini-Adhi (curriculum expert) developed Best Practice’s training materials on September 14-17, 2010 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The four-day workshop focussed on the details of training curriculum, guidelines and textbooks for good governance Best Practices’ in the area of People’s Participation, Institutional Governance, Urban Environment, and Fiscal Management. The group evaluated and synchronized curriculum, guidelines and textbooks drafts, which would later be used by local coaches to assist pilot cities for best practices’ transfer process and replication.  

While the curriculum and guidelines will be used in trainings, the textbooks are intended to be a set of handy information package for coaches, highlighting important elements of each best practice. The in-depth and readily available information in the textbooks will be significant for facilitators to provide pilot cities with a complete picture and long term impacts of choosing and replicating a particular best practice.  

“If a municipality want to consider a particular best practice, they would have to consider the impact of that choice in the long run- be it financial, social, political, and cultural,” added Ruth Gruber. 

Selection of local coaches is conducted through local government associations’ partners until early October 2010. A Training of Coaches is planned on November 18-25, 2010 in Thailand.