| News | DELGOSEA Starts Capacity Development Workshop for Local Coaches

DELGOSEA Starts Capacity Development Workshop for Local Coaches

DELGOSEA Starts Capacity Development Workshop for Local Coaches


The Partnership for Democratic Local Governance in Southeast Asia (DELGOSEA), in collaboration with local government association partners: Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) and Municipal League of Thailand (MLT), host a capacity development workshop for up to 60 local governance coaches from DELGOSEA partner countries of Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines starting November 18 -25, 2010 in Pattaya, Thailand.

The workshop is part of DELGOSEA’s main activities in facilitating a dynamic process of good governance Best Practices replication among partner cities throughout Southeast-Asia. The selected local coaches, many of whom are technical experts and academics in local governance from selected NGOs and Local Government Associations, will later on support pilot cities in conducting Best Practice replication.  All 16 selected best practices shall have a positive impact on improving the living condition of the people in the mid-term.

The seven-day workshop will be delivered into two main approaches:  lecture/presentation and working group activities.  Each Best Practice theme will be provided with a set of curriculum, training guidelines and text books.

 “We are arriving at an exciting point in the lifetime of our project; this workshop is our first, concrete step to accomplish Best Practice replication with pilot cities. We are tremendously honored with the commitment of the pilot cities, also reflected in the participation of their local coaches in joining this training. We are looking forward learning from the experiences of the coaches and getting to know their feedback on the training concept as the basis for best practice replication in the pilot cities in the future”, said Susanne Stephan, DELGOSEA Project Manager. 

The President of MLT, Mr Prai Pattano, expressed his support to DELGOSEA activities and added, “We are so proud for having five cities/municipalities in Thailand—Prik, Phuket, Muangklang, Khon Khaen, and Udonthani selected as part for DELGOSEA’s Best Practices. Our cities’ achievements in improving the quality of life are the results of ensuring public’s participation, transparency, and introducing innovations in several aspects of decentralized local governance. We believe this capacity building workshop for local coaches will lead to successful Best Practices’ transfers to other cities’ across the region.”

Two international experts on local governance and capacity building, Ms Ruth Gruber and Mrs Eri Trinurini-Adhi, are main facilitators for the workshop, along with 12 local experts covering the four Best Practices’ themes. An opportunity to visit Thailand’s Best Practices host area (Muangklang Municipality) is also scheduled on Sunday, Nov 21.  Following the training, local coaches from each country will coordinate with their respective local government associations to schedule the BP replication process in pilot cities.

DELGOSEA has selected 16 Best Practices from the five countries which are categorized under four main themes: Institutional Governance, Urban Environment, People’s Participation and Fiscal Management & Investment Promotions.

These Best Practices will be further replicated by 16 pilot cities, with whom DELGOSEA and local government associations will work closely.  DELGOSEA applies the following approaches to replication, that it will be transnational and adaptable. Each pilot city, therefore, will adapt a Best Practice from other countries, and at the same time, taking into account their own culture, social values and political settings during the replication process.