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Focusing on ASEAN

Focusing on ASEAN


The newly formed DELGOSEA Standing Committee is delighted to find synergies with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on ASEAN advocacy plans.

A stakeholder meeting hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on 30 April 2013, which included representatives of the MoFA, UCLG ASPAC as a partner in DELGOSEA and the seat of the DELGOSEA Standing Committee, as well as two of the Indonesian local government associations (LGAs), ADEKSI and APEKSI, brought agreement on the need for cooperation and regular exchange of information in the endeavour to strengthen the ASEAN engagement for democratic local governance.

Representatives of UCLG ASPAC took the opportunity to outline the new structure of DELGOSEA and to present the newly formed Standing Committee on Democratic Local Governance to the participants from MoFA as well as the Special Capital District of Jakarta (DKI) who were also present. Since MoFA acts as the focal point for ASEAN affairs in Indonesia and coordinates the other ministries in their ASEAN activities, the Ministry was very interested in what DELGOSEA had done so far in working with ASEAN and how synergies could be achieved.

The DKI is planning an ASEAN mayor forum in September 2013 and the involvement of DELGOSEA through UCLG ASPAC was discussed. The forum will aim to have as a result a commitment to local government engagement in ASEAN through a communal declaration. The constitution of a working group to support further action on this commitment will be encouraged.

The question was also in what way DELGOSEA and the LGAs can become involved in dissemination information about ASEAN’s activities on the local level. Since MoFA is already collaborating with some local governments in an attempt to publicise ASEAN better, all parties are keen to explore opportunities for joint activities. 

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