| News | Focusing on Communication – the DELGOSEA Network Council’s Brainstorming Session

Focusing on Communication – the DELGOSEA Network Council’s Brainstorming Session

Focusing on Communication – the DELGOSEA Network Council’s Brainstorming Session

What can the DELGOSEA Network Council do to support the DELGOSEA national groups in the different countries to help them expand the network? This was the main question discussed at a lively meeting on 2 August 2016 in Siem Reap, with many suggestions put forward by the representatives of the National Steering Councils.

Chaired by the network coordinator (NC), Marisa Lerias from the Philippines, this DELGOSEA Network Council (DNC) meeting focused less on current activities in the seven member countries, but was exploring the best way of cooperation between the national and the regional level to ensure a good information flow and coherence amongst the activities.

Working groups composed of representatives from the National Steering Councils (NSCs) were given the following questions to discuss and to present their conclusions to the plenary: What kind of support do you need from the Network Council, how do you plan to share information with the network coordinator – and how would you like the network coordinator to communicate with the NSCs? 

The working groups came up with various suggestions on how the Network Council could assist with the work on the national level. Some of them were rather country-specific, such as the request by the Indonesian working group to promote issues of relevance for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) more strongly or the plea from Myanmar, a new member, to share more information on membership and how to become a member. However, there was general agreement that it would be good if the regional level could assist in capacity building for the national level and facilitate the exchange of experiences in a more pro-active way, i.e. not just through the publication of best practices, but also by helping to arrange exchange visits between different countries. Regular meetings that should include site visits were seen as an important way to increase the networking effect as well as to contribute to knowledge exchange.

On the communication side, the suggestion to have a DELGOSEA group not just on Facebook, but also other social media or communication apps, such as whatsapp, vibre and google was made by some of the working groups – clearly, there is a demand to be in touch more often and informally. A continuation of best practice exchanges via website and Facebook was also welcomed.

In conclusion, all members felt that it was important to regularly share information between all countries and to interlink websites and FB profiles, so that it was easy to stay updated and informed about developments. Communication plans will be developed further and national coordinators have been identified.